FitGaaf! App

Project Description

The FitGaaf!-app (link: uses the power of gamification to educate and activate children and parents/caretakers in living a sustainable healthy life. Fun ‘retro-styled’ mini-games enforce knowledge, skills, and awareness about the importance of healthy eating, drinking, exercise, and sleeping. The end-game (mission of the FitGaaf!-app) however, is to convert engaged users to healthy action in their own habitat/region. For example, buying fruit and vegetables at the local grocery store or signing up for a free trial at the local football club.

Target group: Children age 4-14 and their parents/caretakers.
Unique selling points:

  • Playful way of gaining insight in own (un-)healthy behavior.
  • Entails a unique quotient to chart individual progress,
  • Data-driven exploration of engagement, conversion, and impact. Well within ethical and legal limits

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Project Details

  • TitleFitGaaf App
  • GenreSports, Health, Gamification
  • PlatformAndroid & iOS
  • Release dateT.B.A.
  •  14

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