Interns and graduation students

Indietopia heeft goede connecties met alle universiteiten en scholen in het noorden. We geven getalenteerde studenten graag de kans om hun stage of afstudeerproject bij ons te voltooien. Voor elk semester selecteert onze coach Kris kandidaten om een gevarieerd team te vormen om aan projecten te werken. Vaardigheden variëren van 2D- en 3D-kunst tot ontwikkeling en virtual reality. Maak kennis met alle stagiairs en afstudeerders die in het verleden bij ons hebben gewerkt.

Als je geïnteresseerd bent om bij ons stage te lopen, stuur dan je portfolio, korte motivatie, gewenste startdatum en contactgegevens naar (graag in het Engels).

We hebben al voldoende stagiaires die beginnen in februari 2024, maar voor september 2024 zijn de boeken nog open.


Ivan Patarov

“Hi, I’m Ivan, a game developer and CMD student at Hanze. With a passion for programming and problem solving, I’m excited to have the opportunity to work at Indietopia as I believe that the experience I would get here will help me further develop those skills. In my free time I like to do web development, different types of workouts and play chess!”

Kevin Jonker

“Hello! I’m Kevin Jonker, a third year CMD student at NHL Stenden. I’m passionate about 3D modelling and game design, both of which I aim to learn more about at Indietopia. The internship has given us the opportunity to learn Unreal Engine. It was challenging but they supported and allowed us to grow and improve in all our expertises more than my own study ever did.”

Lars de Vos

“Hello, I’m Lars de Vos, 25 years old and a student at Hanze CMD. I’m a 3D artist both in and out of work and having the time of my life with it. As a fan of Virtual Reality games, I love getting so many chances to work with it here at Indietopia and to broaden my horizons. This internship has not stopped teaching me wonderful things ever since I started and I enjoy every second of it all.”

Sander Zoeteman

“Hey, I’m Sander Zoeteman, CMD Game Design student at Hanzehogeschool Groningen. During my time at Indietopia I aim to strengthen my programming and game design skills while using an unfamiliar game engine. I’m enjoying my time here and couldn’t have asked for a better internship. I enjoy games, horror & thriller movies and sports like basketball & jogging.”


Jolan Huijskes

“Hi, I’m a bi-lingual 3D Game Artist passionate about learning everything there is to know. For my internship I produced a VR experience of Durk van der Meer’s artwork Terrarium as part of the Arranged Realism exhibit at Museum Belvédère.”

It was my responsibility to set up the artwork, lighting, visual effects, and surroundings of the artwork Terrarium. I made this cinematic showcase by lifting the graphical limitations and rendering a fly-through. This was achieved with an optimized version of Unity for VR, combined with the Bakery and CineMachine plugins as well as Blender to create the environment.

Check out Jolan’s ArtStation to see his other work, ranging from props to textures.

Justin Krogman

“Hello! I’m a game designer and CMD student at Hanze. I’m passionate about game design and how I can push the boundaries of interactive and immersive entertainment. At Indietopia, I’m hoping to do just that while improving my skills and knowledge as a designer and producer. In my spare time I like going on walks, watching movies, and playing or designing video games!”

Currently, I’m practicing my level design skills for 3D games, specifically for first person shooters inspired by franchises such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. Wanting to practice working through the full level design pipeline in Unreal Engine 4, I have worked to design this level from concept drawings to the blockout phase. Now I’m building the level in 3D space and fine tuning the gameplay and pacing of the overall experience. Very happy with my progress so far, I’m enjoying iterating and experimenting with blocking out the level in different ways!

Justin’s website features various projects, from game prototypes to 3D models.

Martin Yankov

“Heya there! I’m Martin Yankov, a 4th year Game Design student at Hanze UAS. For my graduation I have the amazing opportunity to assist Indietopia in reconstructing their website, by applying modern web design elements and functions. In my spare time, I enjoy being active, mainly swimming. During leisure I love spending quality game time!”

Nathalina Prettner

“Hello, I’m Nathalina, majoring in International Communication at Hanze UAS. With a passion for art, storytelling, and gamification, I’m excited to complete my bachelor thesis for Indietopia. Motivated by the success of the exhibit Arranged Realism – Art in Games, my thesis focuses on initiating collabs with museums abroad. In my spare time I love reading and animating stories.”

Nana has her own website, featuring her wide range of work. Expect 2D animation, infographics, comics and more!

Niek van Middelaar

“Hi, I‘m Niek van Middelaar, 22 years old. Combining music and 3D in my studies (CMD at NHL Stenden Leeuwarden) energizes me, as the creativity can be extended endlessly. At Indietopia I’ll expand my 3D knowledge through Unreal Engine. Creating VR experiences is new to me. The Indietopia team makes this challenging topic an educational learning experience.”

Working on a photorealistic interior room, where I practice creating different textures for the implemented assets. In this way I can showcase the many different possibilities of the atmosphere of the room without having to move objects. Color and texture can do so much, which is visible through my renders. Achieving photorealism is a challenge, but a worthy skill to have. The decorations in the room come to life using an Unreal animation. On Niek’s ArtStation he shows more interior and exterior projects, as well as cool characters.

Shane Redding

“I’m Shane Redding, a game artist student at ROC Friese Poort, focusing on 3D asset and environment creation. I love writing stories and translating scenes to 3D environments. For this internship I aim to experience working in a team and learn new systems / techniques. Grateful for this opportunity, I look forward to prove myself to the team and improve my portfolio.”

Currently, I’m working on a 3D scene inspired by Dark Souls’ and Elden Ring’s art style, utilizing new techniques I’ve learnt over the past few weeks. One of the major techniques is some master material node setups, allowing me to create multiple material instances with the possibility of adjusting various properties of the material.

I also wanted to test myself to see how fast my workflow would be in a short time span and to see how I would utilize these new master materials in a scene setting. So far I’m pleased with the result and very happy with how much value this technique adds to my project. More work by Shane can be found on his ArtStation.

Interns 2021

Guinnevère Sophie

“My name is Guinnevere, an aspiring concept artist, studying Game Design at Hanze UAS. My focus on digital art & design intertwines with my activities at Indietopia where I’ll create posters & designs. For the internship my main goal is to enhance my concepting and composition skills. I’m thankful for this opportunity and excited to work with the Indietopia team. In my free time I enjoy gaming, drawing, hiking, Netflixing and learning new languages.”

For the exhibit Arranged Realism – Art in Games, Gwinny created various posters. They correspond with the museum displays. From left to right: Photo Mode contest, Arkane, Objects from Futures Past, From Pixel to Perfect. Check out Gwinny’s ArtStation for more character and concept designs.

Killian Mulders

“My name is Killian, a 3rd year Game Design student at Hanze UAS. My fortes are design & production. For the internship my main goal is to gain more experience in producing. I’m very pleased Indietopia facilitates my endeavor to work towards this goal. Additionally, I really like the team and I’ve never felt like a stranger. My hobbies are gaming, eating, cooking, writing, reading and Netflixing. I’m positive that my stay at Indietopia will be lots of hard work and fun.”

Milan Grotenboer

“I’m Milan, 24 years old. With this internship I’ll finish my BSc International Business at the RUG. I’m loving the vibes at Indietopia, enthusiastic about working here.*Hoping to do as much tasks as possible!* My goals: learning about the business side of game dev, meeting the Dutch game industry network and skills to further develop my capabilities. In my spare time I like spending time with my girlfriend and long-time friends, working out and gaming / live streaming.”

Milan wrote various plans and documents, such as a proposal for an eSports Academy and a plan for an online event. He also made suggestions to improve work flow by means of a calendar and a project timeline. After his internship he was hired as community manager at our headquarters in Het Kwadraat.

Tassio Steinmann

“Hi, I’m Tassio Steinmann, Game Design student at Hanze UAS. At Indietopia I plan on specializing in development, expanding my network, and improving my skills as well as learning new ones. So don’t be shy to add me on LinkedIn if you want to connect with me. Together with intern Martin Yankov I’m helping to make the 360° project ‘Become a Virtual Groninger’ a success; so please go and check it out!”

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