Meet the team

Find out more about the team that runs Indietopia and also get to know our commission members.

Mendel Bouman

Founder Mendel Bouman started out as a system, server and network manager. In the following years he was project manager at Bombardier for ProRail, and then at the largest global game publisher: Electronic Arts Cologne. Since 2006 he has been working in the game industry. He contributed to several ‘Triple A’-projects (blockbusters such as Harry Potter and FIFA) and numerous succesful Indie games. In 2014 he founded Indietopia, to help out young entrepreneurs in the North of the Netherlands with his knowledge. This was a firm base for the Indietopia Accelerator.

Merijn de Boer

Merijn de Boer has a bachelor in Communications & Public Administration. He started his first business shortly after he graduated. After running his own text writing agency he wrote four books and founded his own game studio. In 2009 he worked at the international download portal Softonic in Barcelona. He combined his senior editor job there with consultancy concerning marketing, mobile technology and editorial formulas. After returning to the Netherlands, he combined his passion for game design with helping NGOs grow and professionalize. Besides his work as a director at the Indietopia Accelerator, Merijn advises (mostly) foundations on innovation and online marketing.

Merijn is an avid advocate of part-time schedules, something he notices may need to receive a bit more attention and acceptance in any efficient company.

Anneke Hogenbirk

Avid game (industry) enthusiast and lindy hopper Anneke makes sure the office runs as smooth as possible. Her mottos are “Hakuna Matata”, “Variety is the spice of life” and “You choose what aggravates you”.

Hedwig Hibma

Creative copywriter, ranging from concert and album reviews to SEO texts about hotels and social media posts about trips. Fast learner and problem solver. At the Indietopia Accelerator Hedwig takes care of marketing, social media and content for the website.