Contest: Excellent Digital Idea

During an award ceremony on June 2nd, Indietopia won the Excellent Digital Idea contest, organised by Provincie Groningen. We’re preparing reconstructions of churches in Groningen, using photogrammetry, drone photo scanning, Meshroom and RealityCapture.

Indietopia will make more scans of churches and other buildings for renovation, preservation and other purposes. Drones and 3D-scans are useful to visualise damage, which is a current issue in the province of Groningen.

With the award money we can execute this project by updating the hardware to be on par with industry standards with the support of the province.


Exhibit: Arranged Realism – Art in Games

From 9 October 2021 – 23 January 2022, Indietopia hosts the exhibit Arranged Realism at Museum Belvédère. It’s the first expo in the Netherlands where art from screens is translated to the real world using new techniques such as rotoscoping and photogrammetry.

Many artists are required to make art for virtual worlds, ranging from drawing grass and trees that wave in the wind, to making sure the sun casts realistic shadows around objects. Every detail within games is put together by a team of designers and artists.

Indietopia worked together with a scenographer to highlight various aspects from game art. Examples are an artwork made in VR, an interactive game timeline, an entire room recreated from Dishonored 2 and themed corners where visitors can play Dear Esther and What Remains of Edith Finch.

All the info about the exhibit has been combined on this page.

Virtual Tour / Game: Become a Virtual Groninger

What’s it like to live and study in Groningen? The game Become a Virtual Groninger makes players enjoy the city from the comfort of their home before they visit the city in real life.

Take to the streets in level one, visit a student house in level two, have a look at the Hanze University and the University of Groningen in the third level, and work up to a night on the town in the fourth and final level.

Become a Virtual Groninger is a collaboration with Marketing Groningen and AAN ZET communicatie. Indietopia took pictures with a 360-camera and developed the levels and achievements. After the launch we were approached to add more features and make adjustments to suit the new motto: ‘Experience Groningen’. Come grab your digital passport and play the game!

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