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Indietopia loves games and innovative technologies. We pave the way for the northern digital creative industry to blossom, bridging the gap between studies and the industry.


Indietopia is a launching platform that works together closely with all the relevant schools in the northern region. We also collaborate with cultural institutions and SMEs, providing interesting projects for interns, graduate students and development teams to work on.

We work with a code of conduct: a moral compass for games and other products that are created at Indietopia.


Indietopia offers broad services and processes:

  • Offering like-minded people an affordable place to work;
  • Providing an in-house testing ground for digital creatives with a professional studio, green screen, classrooms, 3D-printers and more;
  • Creating job opportunities by coaching people to run a successful start-up through our accelerator program;
  • Organising network events and seminars with industry professionals; 
  • Publishing games that are created at Indietopia;
  • Visiting events to promote our teams and games with publishers;
  • Hosting workshops in the field of games and digital technologies
  • Offering help with subsidy proposals 
  • Creating visibility under the Indietopia label
  • Making virtual tours / games for cities and cultural institutions


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17 Jan 12:26 pm

Overwhelming landscapes, skies and lighting in games can bring to mind the works of art movements such...

Looking for game demos from the North
23 Dec 09:19 am

For a Game Night at USVA in Groningen in February, we are looking for a maximum of...

3 November: Articy talk at our HQ
13 Oct 03:08 pm

Articy – the solution for interactive storytelling and game content management Disco Elysium (our director’s favourite) and Suzerain are...

Action Figure Contest extended
11 Oct 10:49 am

Have you come up with a cool idea yet for our action figure contest? But haven’t found...

Latest games

Check out the latest games created by Studios at Indietopia or published by Indietopia

Game Become a Virtual Groninger


FitGaaf! App

Himbel Islands(Working title)


Indietopia is proudly sponsored by

Indietopia is one of the inhabitants of Het Kwadraat in Groningen, an office complex that houses a wide variety of start-ups and grown-ups. Het Kwadraat is the first official sponsor of Indietopia.

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