Welcome to Prototopia

Prototopia is a testing ground where startups from the northern region of the Netherlands can test games and make use of virtual reality headsets, 3D printers and servers. Prototopia is part of a stimulation program for startups in the game industry. This program will teach them entrepreneurial skills and how to get seed money to grow their businesses. Organisations that are looking to develop a (serious) game that tackles a societal issue, such as energy transition, healthcare or environmental issues, can also visit Prototopia.

This testing ground will be situated in our new office space. Other additions to the Indietopia headquarters include a green room, meeting rooms and a recording studio. Prototopia is a place where the maker industry and digital industry meet. This will help to create new jobs for game developers.

To set up Prototopia, our foundation will receive subsidies from the Provincie Groningen and from SNN (partly through the Europees Fonds voor Regionale Ontwikkeling and partly through Rijkscofinanciering).

Prototopia is expected to open in Q1 of 2020.

News item: Indietopia receives provincial subsidy

Indietopia receives various subsidies to set up Prototopia. This news item by RTVOOG (in Dutch) was shot at the press conference for our provincial subsidy.

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