As a publisher, we are looking for:

Original indie titles for PC/Mac/Linux/Console! We are also fans of card and board games. Do you feel you have an original idea? Check if your concept matches at least two of the following bullet points regarding originality and content and send us your playable prototype:

  • Art style
  • Gameplay
  • Brilliant rehash of existing art or gameplay
  • Engaging storyline
  • Many hours of gameplay

We are not looking for:

  • Casual mobile or social games

Your pitch:

Should include the following:

  • Description of the game
  • A short video clip of the gameplay (youtube, gifs, screenshots)
  • A playable prototype
  • A simple document explaining gameplay, buttons/keystrokes
  • Your financial strategy and business model
  • What you expect of us as an indie game publisher

What we offer:

  • Professional press network of 500+ game journalists
  • Writing strong press releases
  • Review requests under our 1000 YouTube, Twitch and blog reviewers
  • Help in building up your social media fanbase
  • Trailer and 2D asset creation for social media, Kickstarter, Steam, etc.
  • Creating a development, testing, polishing and release strategy
  • QA testing
  • If needed, setting up a kickstarter campaign to complete funding
  • An Accelerator program for additional funding and coaching: The Indietopia Accelerator
  • A very committed publishing partner

I want to pitch my game!

Send us your (early) prototype if you are interested in publishing with Indietopia Games!

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