Pilot Perils

Project Description

Help Excalisoft, play the beta!

Excalisoft is looking for beta testers for Pilot Perils. Via the Google Play button below you can download the game for beta testing (soft launch end of May 2019).

Available on App Store

Pilot Perils is a side-scrolling action-adventure game set in a steampunk world.  Players must navigate their steampunk flying machine through various environments full of lush nature and exotic steam-powered machines. On a quest to retrieve components of their stolen invention, they need to overcome physics-based challenges. An intuitive touch control system allowes players to steer their ship in any direction using only two fingers. Powered by a 2D physics system, players can pick up, drop, push, pull and crash into a plethora of machinery to manipulate the environment and clear the way forward. Levels move at a brisk pace, therefore Pilot Perils is a perfect game to pick up and play any time!

“Argh… why did I forget to pay the bills again! Now all my work is for nothing. The mining company took all my components and with it my chance to save Alvor! I have to get them back – but how? Come on, THINK! …. I’ve got it! I will use what I have here to make my own flying machine and get my stuff back! I will move heaven and earth if I have to. No obstacle will be too great for me to overcome!”

  • Explore the broken steampunk world of Alvor: recover the components of your world-saving invention.
  • Overcome physics-based challenges with your flying machine: use the intuitive touch control system to avoid wacky, mind boggling obstacles.
  • Pickup & Play: easy to learn but hard to master, Pilot Perils is great for quick gaming sessions on the go!
  • Collect items and upgrades: players can collect pickups and cosmetic items as they progress through this adventure.
  • Play for free: the game can be played for free with ads. You can opt to buy several useful items to help you on your way though.

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Pilot Perils is available on the App Store via the button on top. Indietopia helps the developing team Excalisoft with setting up Android and Nintendo Switch ports for their game.

Developed by Excalisoft

Project Details

  • TitlePilot Perils
  • GenreAction, Adventure, Flying
  • PlatformiOS (phone, tablet, touch)
  • Release dateAvailable on iOS. Date tba for release on Nintendo Switch and Android
  • Published byExcalisoft
  •  102

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