Get The Frick Out

Project Description

GTFO (Working Title)

Get The Frick Out is a top-down strategy game where the leaders of Earth have tasked you with retrieving the Alien Artifact, in order to battle the power struggles that 24th century Earth is facing. The aliens do not like this of course, so they are chasing you to the end of the universe in order to get their artifact back!
Defend yourself and your ship against these alien species by farming specific crops, that your mech-suit uses for ammo.
Each planet poses a different challenge, where crops would only grow under specific conditions, so plan your stay well!


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Project Details

  • TitleGet The Frick Out
  • GenreReal-time Strategy, Action
  • PlatformNintendo Switch
  • Release dateTBA
  • Published byBroken Bag Games
  •  34

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