Arctic Infiltration

Project Description

Arctic Infiltration is a first-person vehicular game in which you descend many miles below the arctic surface and infiltrate a terrorist facility run by AI. Pilot a heavily armed submersible and explore interconnected passages. Pitch, yaw and strafe your way under water as you explore a terrorist hideout.

  • Weaponry: go full force with a wide variety of weaponry, or strategically combine them to defeat enemies as you experience this dark, claustrophobic and intense counter terrorism mission.
  • Gadgets: use your gadgets to free hostages, cut through ice and solve puzzles, find your objectives and eliminate the threat.
  • Submersible: experience controlling a submersible underwater and the suspence that comes with the game.
  • 360 degrees: combat against unique AI enemies and bosses from your submersible.
  • 3D: state of the art 3D environments and enemies.
  • Soundtrack: a haunting soundtrack and equally thrilling atmosphere.
  • Atmosphere: inspired by such games as Descent, controlling a submersible armed with weapons and gadgets in an underwater setting adds claustrophobia and tension to the 1st person vehicular game genre.

Developed by Figurehead Studios


Download the demo.
Watch the trailer.

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Project Details

  • TitleArctic Infiltration
  • GenreAdventure, Shooter, 3D, First-Person, Tactical
  • PlatformPC (min. Windows 7)
  • Release date2020
  • Published byFigurehead Studios
  •  76

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