Indietopia Accelerator Program

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What will happen if our team can’t complete the entire year of the program?

Indietopia requires full commitment of the participating teams. However, if through pressing reasons you do need to quit the program, there is an opt-out. Participants will need to reimburse part of the financial aid.

What kind of amazing benefits will we be bestowed upon for participating in the program?

Besides all the knowledge you will gain, participants will also receive a certificate to conclude the one-year program.

We are aliens from abroad, can you help us please?

The Indietopia Accelerator welcomes foreign teams to the lovely city of Groningen. The team can assist you with any questions you might have regarding housing, legislation etc.

What are the general rules of the accelerator program?

Companies connected to Indietopia:

  • Will establish themselves are companies at the Indietopia offices during the time of the accelerator (one year);
  • Are willing to follow the sessions by Venturelab North and attend seminars organised at Indietopia;
  • Are willing to produce commercially viable games and demonstrate prototypes or finished products every four months – in order to showcase these to potential investors, caseholders or publishers;
  • Do not exist as companies for longer than three years;
  • Have not receieved funding from The Netherlands earlier than the starting period within the Indietopia Accelerator;
  • Consist of at least two persons, including a programmer and a dedicated producer or business developer;
  • Are able to reimburse the provided grant* after the acceleration year.

* The total package that participants receive is worth €40.000. This sum is made up of the following components: Business development program VentureLab North: €25.000 (check their website for more information), annual rent for office space: €3.000, monthly payments with a total worth of €12.000 annually.

Participants will be granted €20.000 of the total package. The other part is a reimbursable loan of €20.000, which covers the monthly payments and part of the costs in kind. The exact specifics of the reimbursement fee will be explained in the contract that you sign to participate in the Indietopia Accelerator.

We will teach you to run a business, so your team should be able to generate the amount we granted once you have fully completed the Indietopia Accelerator program. If you manage to run a successful pitch throughout the year, the organisation or publisher you will work for may also choose to fully fund your project. Indietopia organises three pitching sessions in front of an audience of publishers and possible investors throughout the year.

What do I need to send in to be admitted to The Indietopia Accelerator?

You can send us one of the following items: concept, demo, paper prototype, game design document or a video. So basically, you can send us anything that you can use as a pitch for your product. Our independent commission will take a look at all  submissions.
If you haven’t come up with an idea for a product yourself, we invite you to enter your team. We will then try to arrange a case for you to work on.
Due date for admissions is May 7th, 2018.

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