The Indietopia Accelerator Challenges

The Indietopia Accelerator Challenges are a new addition to our 2020 round of  The Indietopia AcceleratorDeadline for applications is closed for the app challenge and the maker challenge, they will start in September / October. You can still apply for the other challenges.

Companies facing a social or cultural issue can challenge our participants to create a solution, for example with an app or a serious game. Indietopia also increasingly cooperates with art institutions to reduce the (apparent) gap between the cultural sector and the game industry, which is essentially also a design sector. By cooperating with The Indietopia Accelerator with a challenge, organisations can make startups work on a product for one year under the guidance of professional developers. The accelerator will set up achievements and work schedules and coach the startups in fields such as marketing, communication, project management and business development. By doing so, we safeguard the work quality and ensure a streamlined work year for the startup. 

For commercial projects, teams will receive a starting amount. Part of the revenue of the product that is developed within the accelerator year will flow back to the Indietopia foundation. This social return principle creates room to support new teams in coming years. For non-commercial projects, teams will also receive a starting amount. Indietopia will discuss the necessity of this type of support with the team. There is no obligation to apply the social return principle. There is a fixed amount of hours available to work on a challenge within a year, which is determined by the set budget for each challenge.

Who can participate in The Indietopia Accelerator Challenges? Whether you are an SME (MKB in Dutch), an autonomous developer / app maker / artist, a small company or team, our main requirement is that your business is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands (KvK in Dutch). To select the right candidate for each challenge we will also look at your previous work experience and your motivation to work on a challenge. Does a challenge appeal to you? Click on the ‘Express Interest’ button, which is linked to a Google Form.

Content Challenge: CityBuddy – resolving loneliness within millennials

CityBuddy was part of the Groningse Ondernemers Challenge. The goal of the app is to connect locals and visitors in the city of Groningen. CityBuddy is in its concept phase; a successful beta test has already been executed at a local theatre festival. Within this challenge you will focus exclusively on the production of content. We’ll be looking at candidates with editorial experience. Are you an experienced content producer/copy writer/travel enthusiast and would you like to cooperate with this initiative? Don’t hesitate to express interest to work on this challenge.

For this challenge we throw in a fun bonus: while you’re working on CityBuddy, you can make free use of an electric scooter. Explore Groningen and its surroundings and collect content on the go!

About the app

CityBuddy is an app that connects locals, visitors and companies within a city. Groningen is a perfect spot for a pilot, because it has a high population of millennials (aged 18-38). Moreover: millennials are the largest demographic (target)group in Groningen. For them and for their problem, that is unknown to the outside world, CityBuddy will fulfill a unique role.

Solution for a growing, yet unknown issue

Research shows that 90% of millennials feel or have felt lonely. This is 20% higher than the score within the group of people aged 55+. This is a remarkable number, that is confirmed in nearly all new research on this topic. CityBuddy connects locals, visitors and companies. The app connects people in a positive way. Cities give you a warm welcome through the app, whether you are living in the city or visiting the city. The focus of this challenge is content, such as information about restaurants, museums and other places of interest for users to visit. We start with Groningen and aim to roll out the app to other cities as well.

App Challenge: FitGaaf! – using gamification to stimulate a healthy lifestyle within children

The FitGaaf!-app uses the power of gamification to educate and activate children and parents/caretakers in living a sustainable healthy life. For this challenge we are looking for an experienced app developer, who can perform tasks such as the implementation of user achievements, navigation within the app and designing user profiles and storage of data. The focus is back-end for a data-driven app.

About the app

Fun ‘retro-styled’ mini-games enforce knowledge, skills, and awareness about the importance of healthy eating, drinking, exercise, and sleeping. The end-game (mission of the FitGaaf!-app) however, is to convert engaged users to healthy action in their own habitat/region. For example, buying fruit and vegetables at the local grocery store or signing up for a free trial at the local football club.

Targeted at children age 4-14 and their parents/caretakers

Unique selling points:

  • Playful way of gaining insight in own (un-)healthy behaviour;
  • Entails a unique quotient to chart individual progress;
  • Data-driven exploration of engagement, conversion, and impact. Well within ethical and legal limits.

Maker Challenge: Museum Belvédère! – creating dioramas

For this challenge Indietopia teams up with Museum Belvédère in Heerenveen – and with you! We are looking for an artist to create 3D objects from  games. We will make a translation from virtual scenes from video games to tangible scenes in the form of viewing boxes/dioramas. For this challenge we collaborate with artists that have earned their spurs in this field. An artist that has experience with 3D-printers is the perfect match for this role.

About the challenge

There are great examples of games that incorporate influences from art, such as Polish Romanticism in The Witcher, M.C. Escher in Monument Valley and film noir in Grim Fandango. We wish to support game artists to set up their own studio and thrive. The building of Museum Belvédère resembles a viewing box and therefore aligns perfectly with this challenge.


Indietopia’s mission is making sure that everyone passionate about game development and game art has a chance at becoming a self-supporting developer/artist. Art plays a vital role in video games and we believe that game art deserves to be exhibited in a museum. We are proud that Museum Belvédère gives us this opportunity. Our HQ houses Prototopia, a testing ground with 3D-printers and all other machines you need to successfully execute this challenge.

Marketing / Publishing Challenge: bringing a game to the market

Do you have great marketing skills and experience with publishing a game in the right market? Then this challenge is right up your alley. Indietopia is working with an IP that has great potential and is almost in Gold master stage. It’s up to you to do research to determine the right audience/market and to execute a successful marketing strategy.

About the challenge

This challenge requires a broad skill set, ranging from writing press releases, creating social media content and contacting influencers to conducting market research and any other tasks that come with publishing a game. We will only reveal the game to you once we’ve found the right candidate for this challenge, but we can assure you it is a fun adventure mobile game that is finished and ready to be published.

Wild Card Challenge: open call

Is your company facing a social or cultural issue and are you looking for an app maker, game developer and/or artist to create a solution? Or do you have an idea for a game or app that will have a social impact? Or are you in pre-production and would you like to use the wild card as the final nudge to launch your game? Hand in your challenge / game / app (idea) via the below button. You can use the examples above to inform us of what your challenge entails.  For this wild card we also need to be informed of the budget you have in place to achieve it. If we see an opportunity to take on your challenge, we will plan a meeting with you to discuss the possibilities and make further arrangements.

Coming Soon: two additional challenges

We have come up with another two great ideas, one involves 3D-printing and the other one focuses on Virtual Reality. We are talking to entrepreneurs/SMEs in the northern region, to establish if and how they can benefit from the solutions we offer. As soon as they are on board, we will announce what these challenges are all about on this page.

Do you have experience in the field of 3D-printing or Virtual Reality? You might just be the match to work together with us and the entrepreneurs. Stay up to date with our social media and this website for the reveal.

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