Welcome to the Indietopia Accelerator program!

A unique accelerator for game development was launched in the Netherlands in 2018. Young startups are admitted and invited to build a game or app in Groningen. The one-year program offers ample aid* to get you started, including mentorship, support in monetization strategies, marketing and more.

The Indietopia Accelerator organises workshops and talks by established developers, pitching sessions with possible clients, investors and publishers. This offers you many opportunities to present your game to the market. Above all, pitching sessions can also serve as a way to establish first contact with possible clients in order to land work for hire throughout the year.

In the third quarter of 2020 The Indietopia Accelerator will announce four or five additional challenges here, ranging from virtual and augmented reality to building an app that stimulates healthy behaviour in children.

*The aid that participants will receive is partly paid as a loan (spread over one year, including monthly payments, VentureLab support and rent for offices provided through Indiestad Groningen).  

Experience and Academic backgroundWhat is your track record? Did you launch a title before or is this your first game? If so, do not worry but do expect us to check your credentials and experience in the process.

Viability of projectHow sure is your idea to succeed on the market? Do you have a game design document set up and good to go? Did you think about monetization strategy and target market?

Unity in your teamDo you and you team members have a history? Is your new team well-adjusted and able to ‘play well’ together?

Contribution to client and societyCompanies on the lookout for serious games do not only want a product to fulfill a function or produce data. Games with multiple layers, including deep gameplay, a dollop of fun and good functionality are more likely to impress clients that look for a team at Indietopia. It helps if your game supports Indietopia’s code of conduct and therefore help society in more than one way.

Art and SoundDoes your game stand out in a crowd? Is your art style distinguished enough to add something new? Most digital distribution networks see thousands of new games published every month. An art style or sound design that stands out therefore has a much bigger chance to catch the customer’s eye.

Innovation and CreativityThe game industry has changed considerably in a very short time. Free to play titles have overtaken paid games in turnover and each segment of the market keeps on shifting. Creativity is still important though and it is our job to keep it alive and kicking.

Learn more about the Indietopia Accelerator rules

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Why should you become an Indietopia Accelerator partner?

Are you in need of innovation? Would you like to stand out in your market? The professional participants of our Accelerator can make this happen. Some examples of how serious games can help your business:

  • Automate your work processes and make them more fun;
  • Train your personnel in a new and motivating way;
  • Consumers interacting with your products or services in a virtual environment increases their trust;
  • Educate users by playfully showing them your background story;
  • Showcase your products or services in a fun virtual environment.

Indietopia’s Accelerator program offers startups professional mentorship throughout the year, support in monetization strategies, marketing and more. The Accelerator is powered by VentureLab North.

The Indietopia Accelerator organises workshops and talks by established developers and pitching sessions that make it easy to establish contact. If you would like to work with our motivated professionals, let us know or visit one of the pitching sessions. There are three occasions throughout the Accelerator year to attend a pitching session. More information can be requested through

We would love to see you at Indietopia!

Mentorship  Throughout the Accelerator, our teams receive support with weekly sessions at VentureLab North. Furthermore, we will regularly organise workshops and seminars. Indietopia will do everything in its power to ensure that inspirational sessions are available to all participants.

Financial Aid  Teams will receive an amount of € 12,000 in cash, spread throughout the year and paid monthly.

Affordable office space  Rent for your offices will be paid upfront as well, so you can work worry-free.

Branded Games 2.0 is not just a game with a logo, but much more
We like to walk the extra mile when it comes to creating fun, stimulating experiences. Our motivated teams produce enticing titles that provoke brand awareness and achieve success by putting fun first. The games sign our code of conduct and consequently make games that comprise corporate social responsibility, aiming to build player interest first, then present your brand centrally.

Supports the local economy  The Indietopia Accelerator is all about helping the Northern game industry grow and blossom. By choosing to work with one of the developers within our Accelerator program, you’ll support the local economy.

Quality powered by VentureLab North  We are powered by VentureLab North; the most ambitious business accelerator for startups and existing companies in the Northern Netherlands.

Brochure Indietopia Accelerator

Are you interested to see which projects are part of the Indietopia Accelerator? We have combined them in a brochure, that was designed by our talented interns Bram Fokkens and Michiel Stender. It includes descriptions of the games that are in development in our accelerator program, including Fringe Planet, Crimson Resonance and TerraGardens. Our interns also created pieces of art that are inspired by the games. You can download the brochure by hitting the button on the right.

This project is made possible by Regio Groningen-Assen. Regio Groningen-Assen supports and initiates projects that add value to the development of its ambitions for the region. Explore Regio Groningen-Assen  (Dutch) 

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