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Indietopia features an open office space for game development startups. Not only is it affordable, it also allows you to easily share your knowledge with the fellow developers that you share the office with. Get inspired by the buzz and the cool games they are working on.


Starting a company can be scary. If you have the guts to do it, that’s great, but… then what? At Indietopia we strive to help you become a self-sustaining professional studio with a little help from us and yourself. Our business coaches (legal, fiscal, communication, marketing) are ready to help you, and we have a monthly event where we discuss each other’s business cases.


Together with the Indie Scene in Leeuwarden, we host a monthly meetup where we actively introduce newcomers to the industry and help people connect.

Potential customers and business partners are given guided tours at Indietopia to meet all the studios.


Indietopia (co-)hosts and (co-)organizes events. Not just the internal ones for networking purposes, knowledge sharing, and business development, but several public events that are open for everyone.


Indietopia has been featured in both the Dutch Industry press (Control Online) and regular national press (

We have a strong business network, that enables potential business partners and customers to easily find the developers based at Indietopia. Working under one big label makes it easy for big organisations to work with the small development studios housed at Indietopia.


Indietopia has an in-house publisher with an expertise in publishing games on Steam. If your game has the makings of a beautiful Indie gem, we know how to get it out there. Most recent games published by Indietopia are:

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