Game companies

Tweetal Studios

Game company Tweetal Studios is working on an immersive narrative experience, influenced by the duo’s favourite games such as Rayman 2, Machinarium, Maplestory and FlyFF, Kirby and Wario.

This team participates in our Accelerator program. We will keep you updated about their game in progress.

Spaghetti Games

Five students of Video Game Design and Development make up game company Spaghetti Games. They work best by getting as many ideas and prototypes up and running and see which ones work best.

This team participates in our Accelerator program. We will keep you updated about their game in progress.

Fringe Planet

British game developer Nic Rutherford runs game company Fringe Planet. The game he’s working on started taking form after experimenting with a voxel landscape and multi-layer pathfinding. Fringe Planet is a survival sandbox simulator game, in the same vein as RimWorld and Dwarf Fortress and is set in a Lovecraft inspired universe where madness is as close as death. 

This team participates in our Accelerator program. We will keep you updated about their game in progress.

Buter Software

Buter Software is a software development company. We make custom software such as games, but also apps and websites. Because each creative idea has its own unique approach. The company is also specialized in interactive and personalized video.


Blue Falcon

Blue Falcon is a Pen-and-paper Role Playing Game Developer, currently working on a Science Fiction game called The Coalition. Our team members come from different backgrounds, ranging from science to arts.


Indietopia games

Publisher that likes to work with independent developers to bring new and fresh games towards the entertainment market. We provide the expertise and resources. Indietopia is a hub, publisher, accelerator and incubator for game companies.



Klippa App B.V. stands for a world without paper receipts. Klippa is a free  assistent for digital receipts.  Using Klippa you will never lose a receipt, you will have a clear overview of your expenses and have easy access via the cloud.  Try out our app and check our website.


Black Zeppelin

Black Zeppelin is a game development studio, currently working on Shattered Worlds, a turn based, scifi, strategy card and war game. Black Zeppelin Studio also works on various other concepts, such as gamedesign student projects.


Polygon Interactive

Polygon Interactive was founded in the Summer of 2013. Specialized in both entertainment and serious games, we focus on creating innovation and creativity in our games. Some examples are Yarr the Game and Powerchamp.


Previous Participants


Lunosis stands for clean gamedevelopment. Professional problem solving is my business.
Bugs and errors will be found and destroyed.


Mannen in de ruimte

Office for architecture and spatial planning, based in Groningen and Amsterdam. We design with a personal approach and a strong focus on sustainability.

Properly decent

Properly decent is a one man indie game development studio aiming to create solid, addictive games for sexy people.
But then again, aren’t we all?

SmartArt Game Studio

Enhancing quality by focusing on combining favourite game play mechanics, AI with character and clean graphics. Bringing smartness to the art of game making.

Omega North Games

We want a simple thing for our studio; Show innovation and creativity. Whether it’s a simple game for smartphones or a serious game with augmented reality.

Studio Bleep

Creating serious fun since 2013 and still going strong. This creative company is founded with a strong focus on unique visuals and applied/serious gaming.