The Aquathon

In the Netherlands, the biggest questions asked throughout the centuries are how can we protect the land against the sea when most of its inhabitable area is under water? Over the past five years, TNO and the water board under the FloodControl /IJkdijk foundation have been collecting real-time data through sensors placed in the dikes throughout the Netherlands. Now the big and open database will be used in the first ever, most technically challenging, exclusive and relevant hackathon in Groningen on water safety.

The Aquathon is an initiative of the FloodControl /IJkdijk foundation and organized by Rolf Fokkens (Target), Mendel Bouman (Hack of a City, Indietopia) and Peter Wind (Let’s Gro, Bries).During the event, innovative, creative and tech-oriented companies, six teams in all, have access to the database and are given 48 hour to use tech, IT or creative approaches to come up with innovative, new solutions for 5 cases from the water world. So if you want to learn more visit for more information.

Board Game Testing Night

Here at Indietopia, we love every kind of game – digital, physical or tangible. In addition, Groningen also hosts a multitude of board game developers. Therefore, Indietopia provides these developers with a platform to test their games and receive feedback from players.

Every first Friday of the month, Arjan van Houwelingen from the Dutch Game Design Guild organizes an open board game testing night at Indietopia. These game nights are open to everybody who loves board games, likes to play test new concepts and/or to board game developers.

If you are interested in or want to sign up for the Board Game Testing Nights, you can send an email to the Dutch Game Design Guild:

Make sure to check our agenda to see when the next edition will take place!

Indie Gameleon festival

Indie Gameleon is a yearly independent game festival for talented game developers, the game industry and the game media. We want to create a platform for all the Nothern game developers and enthousiasts to come together and share, collaborate and have fun! In 4 days you can experience and join:

  • Showcases of Indie Games
  • 8-Bit Dance Party
  • Networking Event
  • Game Jam
  • Harbour Festival Hamburg

Interested and want to join us for an inspiring festival? Find more Information via: and the facebook page.

The Northern Game Industry Network Gathering

The Northern Game Industry Network Gathering is an event hosted every 3rd Friday of the month alternating between Groningen and Leeuwarden. These networking events for the game industry were created by Friso Roolvink from Critical Bit and Mendel Bouman from Indietopia in order to connect the game industry in the north of the Netherlands.

At these networking events, anybody who has an interest in the game industry can get together, meet new people, gather new experiences, get inspired and talk about games. In addition, there is always space for game developers to show their latest creations or give updates on their current games.

If you want to keep up to date on these events and receive the inviations for the following network gatherings, feel free to sign up.

Hack of a city

We have noticed the development of a partition in Groningen. On the one hand, creatives and social entrepreneurs are trying to fend for themselves and on the other hand, the downsides of the society: In Groningen there is a lot of unemployment, poverty and loneliness. Our fear is that things will run out of hand, since we slowly forgot how to live together and how to take care of each other.

However, we also see a growing selfconfidence in inhabitants and entrepreneurs who want to take responsibility for their living environment. Hack of a City is a lab for social innovation and Groningen is the ideal location for this: We get together and innovation is in its DNA. We hack the city to give an impulse to concrete and practical ideas. Ideas that help Groningen and its inhabitants!

Therefore, we co-organized a Helpathon in Groningen: Hack of a City. Creatives, ICT experts, social workers, health professionals, entrepreneurs and inhabitants of Groningen get together and work on finding solutions for societal problems in 48 hours. For more information, please visits

Hell o' Bullets

Hell o’ Bullets is a unique showcase of the upcoming retro-shoot-em-up games. Here, you can re-live that old arcade-hall feeling with a modern twist. Expect to use your fast reflexes when trying to dodge the high number of BPMs (Bullets per Minute) and don’t get frustrated at the many “Game Over” screens that you’ll see when trying to beat your high score.
Hell o’ Bullets is an initiative of David Jimenez of 2awesome Studios and Paul Schraf of Amulware. The event is organized in collaboration between Indietopia, BitHuffel, Critical Bit and Two Tribes. 2014 Editon at Indietopia showcase: