Code of Conduct

What exactly is the Indietopia Code of Conduct?

Games that are developed through the Indietopia Accelerator Program are required to meet the standards described in this Code of Conduct.

Participants are required to sign a contract to join the Indietopia Accelerator Program. We like to think the main drive for a game, be it paid or free to play should always be fun, not the generation of an army of clickers or waiters to catch white wales that will eventually pay for all other players.

Games may not include (paid) gambling, pornographic, obscene, discriminatory or defamatory content. Games that do include (simulated) gambling components are required to have an age restriction of at least 12+. Games developed at Indietopia can include simulated gambling, yet never paid for with either real money or virtual currency. A wink or link to the gambling industry may be part of a game that revolves around the concept of fun.

We strongly believe the player should always be in control of the system of penalty and reward in a game. Games should be fun and fun can be the catalyst for incidental addictive side effects. However, these should remain side effects and never the main objective in a game. Getting players hooked for the sole purpose of driving them to generate new players (de facto creating a pyramid scheme) or solely keeping players busy with incomplete systems of penalty and reward is not a system that we support.

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