Mission / Vision

It is our mission to make sure that everyone truly passionate about game development has a chance at becoming a self supporting game developer. This starts small in Groningen, the Netherlands, but we aim high so we can find how far we can go.

It is our vision that at one point the world sports multiple Indietopias: Indietopia Hamburg, Indietopia Tokyo, Indietopia New York etc. We will strive to make any Indietopia the place where Game Developers easily share knowledge, learn from each other and inspire each other. A place where customers know they always get the Serious Game that they want. A place where aspiring game developers know they at least have a fair shot at earning their money with game development.

Our team members

Mendel Bouman

A creative jack of all trades, professionally active as an entrepreneur running several companies and always on the lookout for a new challenge. Aiming to proof that you can do so much more, if you just try. Showing that life is not so difficult as people think it is.

Due to knowledge of a huge variety of subjects, he’s able to look at problems, opportunities, and trends with a different angle. This makes him able to work ‘with you’ on your project rather than ‘for you’.

Specialties: Innovation (consultancy), Business Development, Game Development, Game Music, Game translation, Quality Assurance (Game related) Copy writing, Providing out of the box solutions, Trombone, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Singing. Dutch, English, Design, 2D artwork

Values: Authenticity, open mindedness, (self)respect, sharing economy, vision and ambition

Merijn de Boer

From my experience at Softonic (2009-2013) and my own company La Palabra¬†‚Äč(2007-2009) I was able to help other companies grow and lead projects toward their desired outcome. As a project manager I take pride in both managing and participating, as a (copy)writer I truly enjoy creating quality content that helps a client show its best side and appeal to a broad audience. In my role of communications lead, I have helped set up solid marketing and communications strategies to help establish brands and maintain healthy relations with the target market.

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